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Hi i am DR P. AJAY KUMAR MD ,FHM ( fellowship in hiv medicine) from CMC vellore. I have 12 years experience in treating hiv/aids patients. I have worked for 4 years in erradada CARE AND SUPPORT and ART CENTRE ( AP TB AND CHEST HOSPITAL) (Anti retroviral treatment and testing centre) and 1 year in OSMANIA GENERAL HOSPITAL ART CENTRE . I have more than 300 patients on hiv treatment some on 1 st line medicines and some on 2nd line medicines and few on 3rd line medicines. At present my longest surviving patients are completing 9 years of treatment and are very much healthy. I dont use any ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment. i use only allopathic ( english) which has been tested and proved beyond doubt and are used worldwide by all HIV/AIDS specialists. You can interact with my patients who are using medicines if you have any clarifications. i can assure you a very long life of more than 25 years after starting hiv treatment provided you use the medicines regularly. I also have tie ups with leading HIV/AIDS related pharma companies like cipla and ranbaxy who provide drugs at very low price. I also have tie up with ranbaxy lab which is a very reliable lab which does hiv related tests like CD4 , VIRAL LOAD , WESTERN BLOT AND . HIV DRUG RESISTANCE TESTING at concessional price. I look forward to extend my whole hearted support to all PLWHS (people living with hiv/aids) as they are the people who are neglected by all health care centres. I also offer free consultation services who cannot afford to the treatment. I also have a hospital attached to my clinic where i admit people who are sick and in terminal stages and provide supportive and definitive treatment at concessional price as at present there are no hospitals who take up hiv/ aids patients. if they do admit the patient they charge 25-30% extra. But we serve the patients and there are patients who have been brought in terminal stages and have recovered totally and leading a normal healthy and happy life. .

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