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The different tests available

The different tests available are tridot test :300 elisa test :1000 western blot test :3000 cd4 testing :2000 viral load testing :5000 cd4 and viral load testing :5500 hiv resistance tests: 20000

Tuberculosis treatmentPneumon

Tuberculosis treatment Pneumonia treatment fungal infection eg candidiasis treatment gastroenteritis treatment herpes simlex / zoster

The Hospital has separate ward

The Hospital has separate wards and isolation rooms meant for admitting hiv patients in the second floor with good nursing care. Many hospitals in the city do not admit hiv infected patients . we also undertake operations for hiv infected persons . we also conduct deliveries for hiv infected pregnant women. we have surgeons who operate on hiv infected patients. since most patients with hiv have confidentiality issues because of stigma attached to hiv we have allocated a separate floor of this hospital exclusively for hiv patients

There are different medicines

There are different medicines for treating hiv patients .we choose regimen depending on the age of the patient , affordability of the patients and the side effects of the drug and underlying stage of the patient{cd4 count}

Will counsel patients regardin

Will counsel patients regarding hiv/aids about how hiv gets transmitted and how it is not transmitted counsel about the stagesof hiv/aids counsel about different stages of hiv/aids counsel about testing for hiv counsel about importance cd4 testing and viral load testing cousel about diet in hiv/aids

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